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History of Zion Fair Missionary Baptist Church---1911 - 2021

Zion Fair Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1911 and was known as "Zion Fair Colored Missionary Baptist Church". Rev. G.J. Shaw, was the first pastor of record with F.H. Holmes, C.D. Dawson, and J.D. Pace as Trustees and Deacons.

In November of 1916, Zion Fair acquired lot #26 in Block 1004 of Port St. Joe, County of Calhoun, now Gulf County, Florida from R.J. Lockwood, Vice President of the St. Joe Company for the consideration of one ($1.00) dollar.

In August of 1942, Dan Hodrick, Chester Gant, Dowell McNair, and C.B. Brown, noted trustees of Zion Fair acquired lot #28 in Block 1004 of Port St. Joe, Gulf County, Florida from the St. Joe Development Company, Edward Ball, President.

In May 1974 at a special call meeting by Rev. C.P. Price, the word "Colored" was removed from the church name and new trustees were added to replaced the individuals named on the 1916 and 1942 deeds. The new trustees were Damon McNair, Chairman, E.L. Fleming, Co-Chairman, John Lewis, Secretary, Hubert Thomas, Treasurer, George Davis, Deacon, Edwin G. Williams, Raley Barnwell, Jessie Dawson, Will Bess, and Rev. C.P. Price.  ​In May 1978, Zion Fair acquired lots #30 & 32. Trustees were Jesses Dawson, Edwin Williams, Paul Gant, Jim Phillips, and Damon McNair.

Zion Fair was remodeled in 1937, and has undergone additional renovation with the support of of faithful members and the Jessie Ball duPont Fund. During the Pastoral leadership of Rev. Frank Jones, Zion Fair added and extension which included a new Pastoral Study, 2 classrooms, 2 bathrooms, and parking garage with storage. Under the leadership of Pastor Robert Pierson the church took on major renovation and repairs including a new roof, repairs to the Sanctuary, the fellowship hall, and the kitchen service area.

Former Pastors includes Rev. G.J. Shaw, Rev. C.P. Price, Rev. Alonzo Moore, Rev. Frank Jones, Rev. Robert Pierson,  Rev. Marty Brown, Rev. Wilson Hall, and Keith Canady.

Zion Fair still stands as a historical landmark.  Zion Fair has been a guiding light for many Christians throughout the years. Many have been saved, inspired, and encouraged to continue in the work of the Lord. Many young people have been equipped with the character and moral foundation to achieve great success. God continues to bless Zion Fair, and even through the raging storms, Zion Fair continues to stand... but only by the grace and mercy of God.  We who are still here must continue the race and carry the torch that lights the path righteousness.  



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