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To preach, teach, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

To seek out and lead the lost to salvation. 

To do the work of mission and to cheer the fallen.

To visit the sick and enlighten the body of Christ.

To present Christ in a contemporary, creative, credible and caring way to all people. 

To provide a worship and service environment where people are excited and enlisted to influence, impact, and be included in the redemption work assigned to the Church of Jesus Christ.

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As a spiritually redeemed family of faith, we exist for the purpose of glorifying God.  We seek to help one another mature so we can impact our community for Christ. We believe that a relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the best way to live.  To fulfill our mission, we aim to make disciples of Christ of all people beginning in our community. We are committed to helping people experience the goodness of God.


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